Access to Health/Preventative Care

Thinking about health and wellness also means

  • thinking about how and where we get healthcare,
  • whether we feel welcome and feel our needs are met, 
  • how we pay for the care we need,
  • and whether and how we take proactive preventative care steps. 

For LGBT people, sometimes these things can seem a bit tricky.  Finding a doctor or specialist nearby that is welcoming and knowledgeable about our unique needs can be a worry.  Figuring out questions about health insurance, what is covered, and who in our family is covered (and how) can also be a worry.  It's no wonder that thinking about going to the doctor for routine preventative care - when we are not injured or ill, but to maintain our health - is not always at the top of our list!

Jump to the sections below to learn more about finding a doctor, coming out to your doctors, and knowing about your rights within the healthcare system.

Finding a Provider Thumb

Finding a Provider

How to find the right doctor for YOU!
Your Healthcare Rights Thumb

Your Healthcare Rights

What rights do you have to specify your healthcare needs and wishes? What can you do to safeguard your rights?
Access to Health Care for People with Physical Disabilities Thumb

Access to Health Care for People with Physical Disabilities

For People Who Have Physical Disabilities