Especially for Bisexual People

In an either/or world, it can be tough to be a bisexual person.  Some of our lesbian and gay peers are united as allies to us, while others may doubt us.  Some of our heterosexual peers may understand and be fierce advocates, while others may discriminate or ask when we will "make up our mind."

From the research included in the Task Force's Bisexual Health: An introduction and model practices for HIV/STI prevention programming, these key health themes have been identified as being of particular relevance to bisexual people.  These critical issues do not face us because of our bisexual orientation/identity, but because of the stressors society confronts us with due to the inability or unwillingness to embrace an orientation that does not"fit" into society's neat boxes. 

Top 1o Health Issues for Bisexual People:

  • Drug Use
  • Alcohol Use
  • Sexual Health
  • Tobacco Use
  • Cancer
  • Nutrition, Fitness and Weight
  • Heart Health
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Social Support, General Emotional Well-being and Quality of Life
  • Self Harm and Suicide Attempts

If you or someone you care about is bisexual, make sure to check out this resource to know all you need to in order be aware of the unique stresses and challenges living in a biphobic world can bring.

And for more information about heart health, see Ten Things Every Older LGBT Adult Should Know about Heart Disease

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Get the Facts - Get Tested!

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