Teaching Transgender Toolkit

A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills

Providing Transgender and Non-Binary Care at Planned Parenthood

A Best Practice Guide and Start-Up Action Kit

The Teaching Transgender Toolkit is a detailed collection of best practices, lesson plans and resources for those who wish to facilitate training about transgender people, identities and experiences. The first of its kind, this book translates the authors’ decades of experience leading transgender-related training and educational best practices into a guide that can be used by trainers of all levels to provide accurate and effective trainings.

This best practice guide and start up kit provides rationale, terminology, information on the impact of stigma on health, standards of care, non-discrimination policies, informed consent, transgender patient navigation, staff training and communications and marketing.

Alternatives Federal Credit Union Financial Services

AFCU’s new TransAction programs offer loans to cover transition-related expenses and a line of credit for ongoing medical care.

Transgender Resources in the Southern Finger LAkes

Our staff and local transgender community members prepared this list of support centers, mental health providers, legal assistance, and other services.

PPSFL Transgender Health: Injection Guide

PPSFL worked with Fenway and University of Michigan to develop this guide that offers transgender patients that inject hormones information about syringe safety, reducing injection pain, how to dispose of sharps, and how to give yourself an intramuscular (IM) or subcutaneous (SQ) hormone injection.

Know-How: The Trans Person’s Guide for New York State

This booklet provides detailed information and a step-by-step guide for transgender people in New York State to get or change all of the life documents and essential paperwork you’ll need to make your way in the world. From driver’s licenses to birth certificates and passports to social security cards, it’s all of the information you need in one handy booklet!

How to be an Ally to Your Trans Friends

By Sophia Field for Out for Health

You know the way you’re walking through the halls at school or on the bus or in the mall or on facebook or at the library or just in the world in some way and you have a friend who does something AWESOME that is so freaking cool and great and helpful and supportive and makes you happy and feel like they are so kind and nice and they “get it” and they make a positive difference in your day? Yeah, that does happen, but sometimes, people need some tips and help to be that awesome ally even more often and in bigger more excellent ways! We were lucky to work with the brilliant Sophia Field, who created this HOW TO booklet just for you! When you become an ally to your transgender friends, you really make a difference. By speaking up and educating yourself and being an excellent human, your actions will help make your school and community a better, safer place!

William Wednesdays Volume 1 & 2

So. There’s our tumblr, which is awesome, but then there’s this bi-weekly column we wrote called William Wednesdays. WW got so cool so fast we said holy hell, this needs to be a thing, a thing we can share and give out and tell people about because we know people learn from stories. A thing that needs to exist outside the Internet. Imagine that. So, here’s one version of one human’s life who is an awesome trans person doing his thing and being himself and trying to make his way in the world.

We provide templates for the various letters a trans person may need to use to navigate name and gender marker changes in New York (State, not City — the process is different in the City.) These have been tested and used by members of our Transgender Advisory Committee, comprised of local patients in our transgender services program.