Support Groups & Events

LGBTQ Youth Groups

Our LGBTQ Youth Groups offer safe and supportive spaces every week during the school year in Ithaca, Elmira, and Corning. During group there is time to talk with peers about sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Youth ages 13 to 20 meet weekly to hang out, play games, do arts and crafts, have snacks, check out our library, and more.

Ithaca Transgender Group

The Ithaca Transgender Group is a confidential, peer-led support group. If you identify as transgender, gender-queer, or fall anywhere along the gender spectrum, you’re welcome! We meet every other Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All meetings are confidential and held in an informal setting

We also hold meetings where we welcome significant others, friends, family and allies.

Social Events!

Out for Health hosts a variety of social events for our LGBTQ community throughout the year. From Queer Karaoke and outdoor movies, to an annual pride event, game nights, and clothing swaps. All events can be found our facebook page!

Also, the Ithaca College LGBT Center offers many free and open to the public LGBTQ themed events on campus, learn more about the Film Series.

The Ithaca Transgender Group provides a calendar of Local and Regional Events.


Looking for a referral, information about getting care at Planned Parenthood, learning more about gender affirming hormone care, finding out about our social and support groups? Contact our LGBTQ Navigator, Devon Ritz at (607) 216-0221, ext. 2308