Trans & Non-binary Care

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York’s health centers in the Southern Finger Lakes proudly provide gender affirming care and hormone therapy to transgender people and non-binary people at various places on the spectrum of gender identity and expression that are 18 and older.

We are committed to improving the way transgender people receive health care in our region and proudly work with our transgender community to lead the way in eliminating barriers to care.

Quality Compassionate Care

Planned Parenthood uses an informed consent model of care. What does this mean?

Patients in our transgender program are not required to attend therapy and provide proof of therapy in order to receive the gender confirming health care they seek from us. We believe that some patients benefit greatly from mental health care and report positive experiences and that’s important. However, we do not require our patients go to therapy to prove their true gender, or to get permission to change their bodies.

Our Services

We offer hormone therapy and preventive sexual health care services for transgender people. Patients under our care can receive a written prescription for hormones which they fill at a pharmacy. Planned Parenthood does not provide pharmacy services for hormones.


If you are interested in becoming a patient in our Transgender Program please call our Transgender Patient Navigator, at 607-216-0021, x2308. For current patients, simply call the health center where you receive care.

Transferring Care

If you are already being seen by a medical provider for transgender care but you wish to transfer your care to Planned Parenthood you will need to have a copy of your records sent to us and call to make an appointment.

Transgender Services Costs

Costs vary depending on individual insurance plans. We have billing staff ready to help you figure out costs, billing and insurance. If you are uninsured or do not wish to use your insurance, we may be able to set up a payment plan. We also have a Transgender Health Fund to assist patients facing short term difficulties paying for transgender care at Planned Parenthood. This fund covers the cost of care, including health center visits and lab work done onsite at Planned Parenthood, however it does not cover the cost of hormones. Patients receive a prescription for hormones which is then filled at a local or online pharmacy. Patients may access this fund up to 3 times while under our care.

Our Transgender Patient Navigator is here to answer your questions, help you make an appointment, assist with notarized legal and medical paperwork needs, getting prescriptions filled, and self-injection training.  Please be in touch with Devon at 607-216-0021 x2308.

Make an Appointment

You can make an online appointment at

Or call our health centers in the Southern Finger Lakes directly!

Corning – 607-962-4686

Elmira – 607-734-3313

Hornell – 607-324-1124

Ithaca – 607-273-1513